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arcane explosion explosion


And then output-treatment-output-treatment of rhythm to BOSS fell LOOT can, wow gold mmoxa.de of course, want to dodge ball lightning. Don't worry about DPS, affirmation is to have.


Details: the stage don't stick BOSS face, he bites, really... Treatment and output cycle is not fixed, the main idea is their HOT constantly, BOSS of DOT constantly, other literally how make.


Key points: BOSS lost ball lightning, make sure the first time away, very ache! The tides throne speed   wow gold kaufenbrush a, all kinds of T in droves. Use FS try next, also easy, no brain arcane explosion not to drop off blue blood. I am the AOE talent point AF.


The old a dozen front can go straight into the element of water brush small strange, but I in front of the group of five little Johnson and BOSS are open in single DK brushes off. Then you can start to long-term movement.


Small blame HP 3095, arcane explosion explosion 4000 + on flat mana shield completely off the blood, standing in a refresh position, including a come out is dead will not explode. But even if the explosion of basic also not several   Rift Platinum layers of, fall blood without pressure.





By: On Sabato 30 Giugno 2012 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(10903)

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