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Bando: Burmese Martial Art Style
Bando, a style of martial art right from Burma, draws lots of influence from the martial art styles from Tibet, China, and India. Some individuals know it by the name Bando thaing, a term with a wide range of meanings under translation. Having said that, Bando thaing generally includes self-development, self-protection, and self-defense. In the United States, students of Bando train under the American Bando Association, established by Maung Gyi in the 1960s. Bando is a martial art form wherein a fighter steps back from his adversary and determines his counter attack. As soon as he has determined the counter attack, then he steps closer so as to launch the attack technique or strike. The American Bando Association teaches students a variety of Bando areas or disciplines, like self-defense, empty hand techniques or kata (aka), kickboxing (lethewi), and grappling or wrestling (naban). Also taught to Bando students are different animal attack routines. These routines mirror the many techniques of martial art styles from China and India. Some animal attack routines include monkey, cobra, tiger, panther, monkey, bull, python, viper, and bull. Students training with the American Bando Association generally begin by learning the basic techniques that are in the 9x9 matrix. cheap newport Students master the 9 elementary kicks, punches, blocks, and so forth. When they master the fundamentals, Bando students then learn aka (empty hand forms) to allow them to become familiar with Bando's basics and defensive concepts. They learn to get off the attack line, how to block and evade punches and kicks, and how to counter attack. Furthermore, they learn how to use their hands, elbows, feet, and knees for launching strikes. As they move forward in their training, Bando students learn various weapons (banshay). Sticks (dhot) and blade weapons such as the kukri and sword (dha) are a couple of examples of weapons utilized in Bando. Advanced Bando students also start training in animal attack routines to introduce them to the more complex self-defense techniques. The animal attack techniques basically copy the various attack techniques of many animals. The American Bando Association usually grades its student according to several colored belts which is characteristic of other Asian based martial art schools. In ascending order, these belts rank from white, green, brown, to black belt, which is the highest rank. cheap camel cigarettes free shipping Every belt also has degrees -- for instance 1st degree green belt, 2nd degree green belt, etc. A few Bando martial art schools have a yellow belt, which is between the white belt and green belt. It takes about five years for a Bando student to go from white belt to black belt. Within these five years, the Bando student should master the different Bando strategies including the empty hand forms, weapons, and sparring. He should also be in good physical shape.
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